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Schoolchildren 5 years and over.........$170.00 per 10 week term per child

Preschoolers...3 years to 5 years........$170.00 per 10 week term per child

Baby Classes...4 months to 3 years.....$170.00 per 10 week term per child

If the term fee is paid in full and in advance of the first day of the new 10 term, the fee is $165.00 per child.  No discount for any other payment scheme.

(If the term payment is less than 10 weeks the discount fee does not apply.)

Weekly payments can be made at $17.00 per week and must be paid in advance of the child's lesson day. All weekly payments must be made on time and whether the child has missed a lesson or not and are to be made for the duration of the term booked. There are no refunds for missed lessons.

No Refunds will be made after the commencement of the term.

Other options are: 5 payments of $34.00 ( or the equivalent of the term fee) but payments must be made within the duration of that term whether the child has missed lessons or not.

Continual late payment of fees is not acceptable and this may result in your child/children losing their space in their swim group.

Term Dates and Fees

Term 1 2024

Day                     Start Date                 End Date               Note                       Fee

Monday               12 February              8 April                 8 weeks              $136.00 (No swimming on Waitangi Day 6th Feb)

Tuesday              13 February              9 April                 8 weeks              $136.00

Wednesday         7 February                10 April               10 weeks             $170.00

Thursday             8 February                 11 April                10 weeks            $170.00

Friday                  9 February                 12 April               9 weeks               $153.00

Saturday              10 February                13 April                  9 weeks            $153.00

Term 2 2024

Day                    Start Date                   End Date                 Note                       Fee

Monday              29 April                         1 July                    9 weeks               $153.00  (No classes 3rd June - KBW)

Tuesday              30 April                         2 July                    10 weeks             $170.00  

Wednesday        1 May                           3 July                 10 weeks               $170.00

Thursday             2 May                           4 July                   10 weeks               $170.00

Friday                  3  May                        5 July                  9 weeks                    $153.00 No classes 28 June Matariki

Saturday              4 May                         6 July                     10 weeks              $170.00 No classes 29 June Matariki Weekend

Term 3 2024

Day                   Start Date                   End Date                   Note                      Fee

Monday             22 July                      23 September           11 weeks               $187.00

Tuesday            23 July                      24 September           10 weeks               $170.00

Wednesday       24 July                      25 September           10 weeks               $170.00

Thursday           25 July                     26 September            10 weeks               $170.00

Friday                26 July                     27 September             10 weeks               $170.00

Saturday           27 July                      28  September             10 weeks               $170.00

Term 4 2024

Day                             Start Date           End Date                   Note                       Fee

Monday                      14 October         16 December              9 weeks              $153.00.00    NB... No classes 28th October -Labour Day

Tuesday                     15 October         17 December             10 weeks           $170.00

Wednesday                16 October         18 December             10 weeks            $170.00

Thursday                    17 October          19 December             10 weeks            $170.00

Friday                         13 October          20 December             10 weeks            $170.00

Saturday                     14 October         21 December             10 weeks              $170.00

Squad Fees

Times and dates are the same as learn to swim.

Fees are between $90.00 and $110.00 per term.(depending on length of term)  Pool entry is not included in price. Concession cards are available from Opal Spring shop.

Learn to Swim Information

Enrolments are by booking only and will be confirmed by emailed invoice so please ensure the swim school has your correct address and phone number.

Fees must be paid in full before the new term begins unless prior arrangement has been made for an alternative payment scheme.

Term payments may be spread by automatic monthly or weekly payments by arrangement, but the total amount must be paid before the end of that term.

There is no pool entry fee at 15 Western Street Pool.

Pool entry for the Squad swimmers going to Opal Springs is $28.00 for a 10 swim concession card available for purchase at the Opal Springs shop.

Catch up lessons are no longer available.

Special arrangements may be made in the event of serious illness or injury.

Lessons will be rescheduled in the event of pool evacuation being necessary.

Poolside Etiquette

When your child is in their lesson and under the instruction of the swim teacher please remember this is our classroom and refrain from calling out instructions as this undermines the teacher's authority and seriously confuses the child.

However, you are most welcome to voice your praise and encouragement for your child's efforts. Please leave any perceived bad behaviour during lessons to be dealt with by the teacher.

Other Information

Lessons run during the school terms and at the end of each term the children receive certificates of achievement.

Should you wish your child to continue with further lessons, please advise in advance by filling in the rebooking sheet which will be in the pool office towards the end of each term. This ensure your child's space is reserved. If you require a change of day or time please indicate this on the booking sheet and we will endeavour to do this.

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