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The Classes

PARENTS AND BABIES.....up to 8 parents and babies per group...

Monday through to Saturday mornings.

These classes are for babies and toddlers between 4 months and 3.5 years old.

The programme shows you, as parents, how to teach your baby to have water confidence and awareness at an early age. When the age of 3.5 years is reached, children are usually independent enough to participate in a more formal teaching programme and are ready to learn swimming skills and be fully confident.

Please remember that all children learn at their own speed, so do not push them further than they are ready and able to go as this causes loss of confidence.


Monday through to Saturday ...mornings, afternoons or after school.

Nippers....challenges 1 to 6....building water confidence.... floating on front and back aided... jumping into the water using a floatie to promote independence.

Advanced preschoolers will be encouraged to move up to the next level and may be included in the school age groups.


Monday through to Saturday.

NIPPERS.....challenges 1 to 6....up to 4 per group...building water confidence...floating front and back aided...jumping into the water using a floatie to promote independence.

TADPOLES....challenges 1 to 6... up to 5 per group....beginning swimming and diving.

DOLPHINS.....challenges 1 to 6...up to 5 per group...learning freestyle breathing skills, backstroke, somersaults for tumble turns, breastroke and butterfly. Learning to swim 10m or more in freestyle and backstroke.

SEALS....challenges 1 to 6....development of all four strokes, tumble turns and diving.

SHARKS.... challenges 1 to 6...stroke development, technique, correct turns for each stroke and diving.

SQUAD swimming....held at Opal Hot Springs on Mondays 3.45 to 4.45pm. This is an extension of the learn to swim programme and designed to cater for swimmers who have completed their certificates and wish to learn more advanced swimming skills and improve their fitness levels.

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